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Paladin Danse by ElStormo
Paladin Danse
"That background is outstanding, soldier!"

My portrait of Paladin Danse, without his goofy-looking headgear. Used one 2B pencil, took about ten hours. 

Rikku - Thought I Was Done for Back There by ElStormo
Rikku - Thought I Was Done for Back There
Rikku is best girl.

This took me around ten hours, and getting the expression right was a nightmare of erasing, redoing, and erasing again. It's the first time I've drawn an open mouth, and boy is it tricky!
From the Underground: Ringo by ElStormo
From the Underground: Ringo

Still had a few "From the Underground" characters to do. I'm finishing them now so they can still be included in the printed and bound version my lovely girlfriend and in-laws so nicely bought me.

This is Ringo, who, like the others, only plays a small part in the game, but who is elevated to a party member role in the story. Nicknamed "Stuffy Man" by En, Ringo is serious, pragmatic and loves to use complicated words. A stickler for rules, manners and decorum, but skilled and experienced in travelling and taking care of himself. He is also the worst card player in existence.

This took me a lot of hours to finish (because of all the black, mostly).



Edmund Blackadder
Gloomy vanity pics ahoy!

Current Residence: Flanders - Belgium
I've amused myself writing up these 44 Rules of DeviantArt</u>. If you think anything's missing, feel free to suggest :)

HOLY SHIT THEY'RE ON ED NOW! I put them there, but it's still cool. Let's see if they last!</u>

44 Rules of DeviantArt</u>

1. DeviantArt is serious business

2. One day, I’ll be a great manga artist

3. The longer the journal entries, the better my art becomes

4. The more flashing friend icons, the better my art becomes

5. Tracing and recoloring is the same as using a reference

6. Blurry MySpace pictures of myself, taken without even using the timer mode are art

7. Photoshop filters are the same as photography skill

8. Lens flare makes EVERYTHING better!

9. Critics are only critical because they are jealous of my stick figures

10. All male game or anime characters are in love with each other

11. All characters split into two versions when entering DeviantArt: normal and furry, and the furry version is always better than the regular one – cat ears are obligatory

12. All characters have child-like alter-egos, which I prefer, but not because I’m a paedophile

13. People don’t know there’s a Full View function, so I must inform them of it, and demand that they use it every time I upload something, no matter how crappy, by commenting “FULL VIEW PLEASE!!!!!!”

14. The whole world is only waiting for one thing: seeing me naked

15. It’s art if I say it is!

16. 2,000 pageviews means I have to make a kawaiiiii picture thanking people for looking at my other kawaiiii pictures, preferably with as many hearts as possible

17. Being on DeviantArt means I am special

18. It’s not paedophilia when I draw it

19. Comments any less positive than “OMG awesome!” must be considered flames, and even the slightest bit of criticism is worth starting a fight and getting banned over

20. The DeviantArt comments system is a great chatbox, especially if it’s someone else’s page!

21. There is nothing wrong with inflation art

22. If I fave one of your pictures, you have to fave one of mine, no matter how terrible I am, otherwise you’re ungrateful

23. Everyone is interested in my private life, so I must spam my journal full of uninteresting junk (see #1)

24. If people troll my account due to a mention in ED, I must throw a tantrum, threaten to hex them, say they’ve fallen into my trap, bawl to the moderators and/or threaten legal action and claim lawyers are already on the case

25. I have more pageviews, therefore my art is better than yours

26. Making alternate accounts praising my main account is a brilliant tactic

27. Copy-pasting an “I like your art” comment on loads of Random Deviant pages without looking at the art is a brilliant tactic

28. No matter how crappy my art is, and regardless of the fact that no one would hang it on their wall to save their lives, I must still make all my art available as Prints

29. The human body is beautiful and never pornographic, even if it’s being penetrated anally by a furry’s cock

30. My profile icon flashes or moves, that means I’m a better artist than you

31. Submitting Deviations without commenting anything more than, “me again”, “lol” or “meh”  is artistic

32. Poetry isn’t artistic if it doesn’t have elementary-school rhymes and isn’t about razors or angst

33. I can like a picture so much that fave it, but not enough to bother writing a short comment

34. We’ve made porn of it. No exceptions.

35. Art memes are fun, and when they say I must tag three people, I must always tag EVERYBODY!!!11!

36. The cool kids set themselves to invisible

37. I must threaten everyone who might possibly steal my art with physical violence, even though I’m behind a computer

38. Snape is perfectly capable of getting pregnant

39. I AM Asian. Really. Can’t you see the painted cat eyes and the V-sign I make with my fingers?

40. My Desktop picture must contain a World of Warcraft-icon, and the wallpaper may under no circumstance have the correct aspect ratio

41. I paid for my account, so everything I made has just become better than everything you’ll ever make

42. Even though I spend every minute I have on DeviantArt, I must still complain how much it sucks as often as possible.

43. I must always be proud of making the first comment, even when I have nothing more to write than, “First comment!”

44. I can always delete my account and make a new one

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Happy Birthday! :D
ElStormo Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Well thank you! How'd you know?
MechaTrav Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A li'l birdy told me. :P
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Sarosna Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh master of pencils give me some advice :P I've been trying to find proper paper for colored pencils but I'm struggling a little. Copic papers don't seem to grab enough color but I'm finding it hard to produce a smooth surface with the more heavy, mildly textured papers. Is it just a matter of patience? I'm using Canson Mixed Media paper and I also got some Fabriano Academia paper which also has a mild surface texture. Both are 200mg papers.
ElStormo Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Haha, 'master of pencils'? I wish!

Anyway, proper paper for coloured pencils, hmmm... personally, I only use Bristol paper (the smoothest I can find), the Canson ones are nice (it's the orange packaging over here). Thing with coloured pencils is that they handle a lot differently than graphite - you can't just gently shade things, you need to push down on them if you want to get a decent effect. Sharpen them often so you don't have to ruin your paper by pushing.

I have to say though, I'm not the best person to ask for advice when it comes to equipment, since all I use is a single 2B pencil, a cutter knife, a kneaded eraser and a box of regular kiddie coloured pencils, always on bristol paper... but I find that combination works for me :)
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